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                                              Quite possibly the best outbuildings in America!

"They just don't build em' like they used to!"  That's right, not like they used to, better!  Here at Timberlast we combine the best techniques of the past with today's modern advances to bring you outbuildings of incredible, strength, durability, beauty, and value.

We build everyone of our outbuildings just as we would build it for ourselves.  No particle board, no plywood, and no wimpy 2x4's!  Just high quality full dimension timbers, hardwood pegs, and traditional mortise and tenon joinery.  We don't skimp and we don't cut corners. Honest American craftsmanship designed to endure is what we provide.  Solid pine is what we use for sheathing on walls, roof, and floors.  Full timber frame decks with housed joinery to tie the timbers together and give them impressive strength for the frame that will rest above (not that you will see this joinery, but that doesn't matter to us, it's just the right way to do it).  Oil blackened reproduction door hardware to complete the solid braced door that accompanies each building.  These are just some of the features that set us apart from the rest.

If your starting to think these guys sound just like the classic barns that dot our New England landscape then your right. That's because we build scaled down versions of these very barns that still stand proud after hundreds of years.  

Heck, some folks think these little guys are so nice they use them as backyard retreats,small offices etc. What will you do with yours?                                                                                                            




                                                                                                         JOINERY DETAILS                                                                                                   

Although timber dimensions and configurations may vary depending on size,each one is built,delivered and installed with the following "Classic Barn" features. Options available(see below).

 - Timberframe : Eastern white pine. Minimum 6" X 6" principal members on smaller sizes and up to 8" X 8" on largest.

 - Joinery: Traditional mortise and tenon, 3/4" straight grain hardwood pegged.

 - Deck: Full timbered deck.

 - Half loft.

 - 12/12 roof pitch: Added headroom and classic look.

 -  sheathing: Solid pine, walls and roof.                                                                                 "Classic Barn"    

 - 1" x 12" flooring: Rough pine full dimension.

 - 8' wall heights.

 - 1" x 4" battens.

 - Trim Package: 1'x6" corner,water table, door and upper 

    wall. 1"x4" window, 2"x 2" roof trim.

 -  Door: 4' solid pine braced door.

 - Roofing: 29 gauge galvanized metal roof.

 - Windows: (2) 24"x24" (operable) vinyl windows 

    with screens.

 - Hardware: reproduction oil blackened heavy duty hinges 

    and latch.

                    "FRAME UP" KIT *        CLASSIC BARN                       COLONIAL**        

  8' X 10'          $2,528.00                       $3,320.00                             $3,640.00                * Delivered as Classic barn. We raise

10' X 12'          $3,795.00                       $4,980.00                             $5,460.00                   the frame and you complete. Easy to

12' X 14'          $5,308.00                       $6,972.00                             $7,644.00                    follow instructions included. 

14' X 16'          $7,078.00                       $9,296.00                             $ 10,102.00           ** Classic barn with pine clapboards

16' X 20'         $10,112.00                       $13,280.00                          $14,560.00                  substituted for battens.

All prices(excluding kits)include delivery and installation within 30 miles of Rochester,NH. Additional miles beyond 30 will be $3.00/mile.


OPTIONS: Contact us for a quote on any finish material you can think of  and we'll be glad to help. In the meantime here are some common options.

Extra window: $195.00

Extra door: $230.00

Painting: $ Price will vary depending on size and color scheme.