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Shop specials

Occasionally we offer frames of unique character or at a reduced price. These frames come about either by inspiration, customers that change their mind, or simply because we've goofed.  Yes, of course we goof!  We cut something to short, we paint when we should have stained, we stain when we should have left natural etc. More often though we make frames from Leftover timbers that we accumulate from past projects, or from timbers that sawmills offer at a good price because they need to get rid of stock. We sometimes come a across unique hand-hewn or reclaimed timbers we just can't pass up. Inspiration takes hold and off we go! Sometimes a table, sometimes a pergola, sometimes a small frame. Who knows? Check often, less you miss out.

Available: To be cut

24'x24' White Pine Frame. $13,800.00

3' kneewall, joists for half loft,12/12 roof pitch. Does not include delivery or raising,contact us for more info. This is for frame only.

Does not include sheathing, flooring, windows or roofing.